Guilty of these bad tech habits?

May 25, 2013
No one is perfect. Everyone has bad habits. Some people smoke. Some eat in our cars. A few write e-mail messages in all capital letters. Here’s the good news, though. In regards to technology, it’s not too difficult to recognize our bad habits and break them. PCWorld magazine recently ran a list of the most common bad tech habits. Take a look at these tech mistakes. Do you suffer from some of these bad tech habits?


Easy Target

Some of the worst tech bad habits recognized by PCWorld cause you to be an easy target for thieves. For instance, do you leave your smart phones or tablets sitting at your booth in the coffee shop while you run back to the counter to get another shortbread cookie? Leaving your devices unwatched and in plain view will make it easy for criminals to swiftly snatch them and disappear. Or let’s suppose you spend your waking minutes looking at your smart phone screen without paying attention to your surroundings? This bad tech habit can hurt, too. As you are staring at your screen, you don’t notice that suspicious guy walking close to you. Before you know it, the guy’s popped you in the nose, grabbed your smart phone and run away.


Bad Health

Some of the bad habits noted by PCWorld can make you sick. You could hurt your back or develop carpal tunnel syndrome if you slouch in your chair while typing on your keyboard. You can damage your eyes or get headaches if you stare too long into your screens each day. And if you don’t allow yourself to take breaks from the screens while at work you can suffer from everything from back aches to eye strain to general fatigue. Break these three bad habits by making yourself to take at least short breaks from your screens while at the office.


Lost Data, Personal Information

What happens if your computer suffers a sudden hard-drive crash? Are you going to lose your important files? Should you suffer from the bad tech habit of not backing up your files, you probably will. And do you recycle the same passwords frequently at several different Web sites? This tech habit can open you to a world of pain should somebody crack that go-to password. Now, rather than gaining access to your personal info on one site, this cyber criminal can get access to it on several. Lastly, do you ignore the updates that publishers create for the software that you most regularly use? Don’t. Neglecting these updates can make you vulnerable to hacks and keep you from fully enjoying your software.

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