Making the switch from iPhone to Android

March 30, 2013
The iPhone continues to be the dominant smartphone in the industry. That does not mean, though, that everyone loves it. In fact, Android smartphones are siphoning several users from the world of iPhones. Andy Ihnatko is but one such user. And he’s a significant user. He’s a tech writer, so he knows what makes for a superior smartphone. So his swap means something. Happily, he’s written all about it for Web site TechHive.


The big switch

Ihnatko writes that he’s long been a fan of the iPhone. He obtained the first generation of the device. And he did it during a period when AT&T provided an unlimited data plan. He still had that unlimited plan prior to making the choice to change to an Android smartphone. What’s that mean? It means that Ihnatko really must like Android to give up that unlimited data plan.


A great operating system?

Ihnatko writes that the Android operating system has just grown into what he calls a great operating system. At the same time, the hardware that runs this system – the smartphones themselves – have become much better, too, he writes. That combination has steered him away from the iPhone and toward Android-powered smartphones. Ihnatko is so enamored of his Galaxy smartphone, he has even given up on the unlimited data plan that he held with his iPhone, a plan he had since he had joined iPhone nation so early.


What makes it better?

Ihnatko points to two key factors when detailing his smartphone swap. First, the keyboards that come with Android smartphones are simpler to use than are those that come with iPhones, he writes. Secondly, the screens on Android-powered phones are larger. This makes a huge difference in an age where users use their smartphones to surf the Web and watch movies.

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