Protecting your smartphone from disaster

July 27, 2013
What’s the very first thing that runs through your mind after you’ve dropped your smartphone? Probably not be printable, right? If you’ve purchased a smartphone case which uses the latest in protection technology, your first thoughts after dropping your phone can be clean enough to publish in a family newspaper. That’s because the latest cases designed for smartphones do a significantly better job of protecting these kinds of devices from accidental falls or bumps.


A new era of protection

The New York Times’ Gadgetwise column just detailed the growing science behind protect cases for cell phones. Based on the column, the new cases are remarkably effective, protecting smartphones from the bumps and slams that might otherwise knock them out of commission.


D30 protection

The Times concentrated on the London-based Tech21, a company that has created D30, a polymer that it injects in the edges of its smartphone cases. As stated by Tech21, this polymer absorbs any shocks – from falls or bangs – that smartphones receive. The polymer then distributes the impact of these falls and bangs so that the smartphone it protects isn’t damaged.


An investment worth making?

Are the cases worth the expense? Probably. Based on the Times story, the Impact Band case developed by Tech21 costs $30. The Impact Mesh case runs $35. Both will make smartphone drops less catastrophic occurrences.

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