Stop hackers with two-factor authentication

April 19, 2013
Passwords aren’t good enough anymore. That’s been proven often by hackers, who crack passwords to get into the internal Web sites, computers, devices and online bank accounts of small companies across the country. Fortunately, Biztech Magazine has advice: Business owners can take steps to prevent the security holes of passwords. They can guard their Web sites and devices with two-factor authentication. Such a move will greatly reduce companies’ susceptability to cyber criminals.


Why a second step matters

As suggested by its name, two-factor authentication requires users to take two different steps to log onto a Web site or device. Usually, employees will have to still use a password but will also have to rely on a second device to gain access to their computers or to important Web sites. For example, after entering a password, an employee may need to swipe a smart card, insert a token or use a biometric identifier in order to continue. This two-step process immediately upgrades a company’s online security, according to the Biztech story.


Getting started

Once you decide to implement two-factor authentication, you’ll want to take steps to ensure that the transition is an easy one for your employees. And, as Biztech Magazine says, this begins with choosing the right second factor. For example, tokens might work nicely if the majority of your employees work in a central location. But if your business depends on workers that are spread across the country, tokens might not be the best choice. Same for smart cards: These cards typically don’t work with smartphones. If your employees rely on their smartphones to do business, smart cards may be the wrong choice for a second factor.


Don’t rush

Another key to proficiently launching two-factor authentication? You need to take your time. Provide employees with a window of time to read about the system and ask questions. This can increase the odds that your employees will be on board with the change. If you launch the system without providing the proper education, you’ll possibly alienate and aggravate your workers.

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