There’s another alternative for those mourning Google Reader

August 7, 2013
Google Reader, the favourite news reader of millions, died earlier this year. But Reader fans can rejoice: There’s a replacement for Google Reader available today. And, according to writer Jill Duffy, it’s a very good one.


A worthy successor

Digg, a community news voting site, seemed like an odd choice to develop its own RSS reader. But the company did just that, debuting Digg Reader not long before Google Reader vanished. Just like Google Reader before it, the new Digg Reader is a free online RSS reader that makes reading RSS feeds an enjoyably simple task.



With Digg Reader, your news feeds will show up on the left rail, and the settings are hidden under a button on the top menu bar. Duffy gives compliments to the design, saying it’s simple and intuitive.


Keeping abreast

Entrepreneurs and business owners can rely on Digg Reader – or any RSS reader that they prefer – to easily follow the news that most impacts their businesses. For this reason, business owners should think about registering with either Digg Reader or another RSS reader today.

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