Why is Evernote growing so quickly?

March 30, 2013
Can a cult develop around an organization app? In the case of Evernote, the five-year-old note-taking and organization application that’s growing with remarkable speed, the answer is an absolute “yes.” Evernote has drawn a growing base of devoted fans, fans willing to spread the word about this application for free, fans that would never think of using any other note-taking software, according to a fascinating feature recently run by BloombergBusinessweek.



According to the Bloomberg BusinessWeek story, Evernote currently boasts more than 50 million users, amazing for an app that’s only existed for five years. Even more remarkable is the fact that new users are signing at a pace of 100,000 per day. That makes chief executive officer Phil Libin’s goal of reaching 1 billion users across the globe seem more credible than farfetched.


Why the praise?

According to the BloombergBusinessweek story, Evernote presently has more than 50 million users around the world. Plus the number of users remains on the rise. The story says that more than 100,000 new users sign up for Evernote daily. That’s impressive. And the BloombergBusinessweek interview quotes CEO Phil Libin as saying that his goal is to reach 1 billion users.


The secret

And that may be the secret to Evernote’s popularity. It’s easy to forget meetings, appointments and deadlines when you are juggling the responsibilities of family and work. In the BloombergBusinessweek story, Libin states that he never thinks of the work/life balance because he considers work an essential part of life. And a growing number of us think much the same way. Therefore, when life becomes so busy and messy, we need something that will help us get through it efficiently. That something, increasingly, has become Evernote.

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