Why Office Mobile isn’t a good investment

August 21, 2013
Excited that Microsoft has finally created a mobile version of its Office suite for the iPhone? Control your excitement. As Jill Duffy, a tech reviewer for writes, Microsoft’s Office Mobile is probably not worth the money.


Subscription required

Duffy’s greatest issue with Office Mobile is its cost. To access the app, you will need to take out at least a $99 yearly subscription to Microsoft Office 365. For Duffy, this counts as a bit of a rip-off: There are plenty of free options for most of the tasks that Office performs.


Not the only game in town

That’s because users must first purchase a Microsoft 365 subscription before accessing the app. That subscription costs at least $99 a year. That’s no small investment, especially when plenty of free alternatives to Office Mobile exist.



If you’re an experienced smartphone user, then, you’ll take Duffy’s advice: Shop around on the ‘Net for the best free alternatives to Office, programs such as Polaris Office. You might be surprised at how powerful these programs are.

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