“We have placed our complete trust in Omnitek System Solutions since 1993. They are the premier IT service company in the Washington state and beyond. With our company’s growth to Ohio, Texas, and North Carolina, Omnitek has been responsive to our need for increased technical support. From the daily management of our multi-state network to our complete data backup system, Omnitek has given us total peace of mind – we are confident that our systems are always up-to-date and running…like clock-work…Omnitek has made our systems easy to use, easy to manage and easy to grow, which helps us save time, money, and keeps us focused on what we do best…our business.”
Steve Hong, President, Washington Alloy, Rancho Cucamonga, CA


“Partnering with Omnitek for our network has completely eliminated our daily computer issues…Omnitek’s continuous monitoring of our network along with its hassle-free data backup solution has given us total peace of mind that our systems are protected, secure, and available at all times and that our data is protected. Do not trust your computer network to anyone else.”
Don Huber, President, United Western Development Inc., Tacoma, WA



“We at Platypus Marine know what trust really means when owners bring us their multi- million dollar megayachts for refit. So we needed to find someone who we could trust the same way with our firm’s computer systems and data and we found Omnitek. Believe me, they are the best IT service company in Washington. We look to them to provide all of our computer needs – from our newly installed, computer-integrated telephone system to our network and worry-free data backup system. They listened to us and learned from us what we needed and delivered it. They keep our systems ship-shape – up-to-date and always running. They’ve made our systems easy to use and manage, which helps us save time and money.”
Jud Linnabary, President, Platypus Marine, Inc., Port Angeles, WA



“WestPac Marine has been a customer of Omnitek since 1993. Over the years we have purchased hardware, software, and support and have received great value for our investment.


I have also referred friends to Omnitek and they have expressed to me their satisfaction with the products and services that Omnitek has provided.


There are several things that I feel make Omnitek a good partner:

  1. They speak English and don’t try to pile on the comuter-speak.
  2. They respond when you have a problem. This is even better recently since many issues can be dealt with remotely.
  3. They listen, quite the original concept!
  4. They are concerned with my bottom line, not over selling, but making sure I spend wisely.

If you are interested in pursuing a relationship with Omnitek and want to talk to me directly, just ask Tom for my phone number.”

Rollie Herman, President, WestPac Marine, Tacoma, WA